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    Filemaker GO connecting to host



      I have a database on Filemaker GO which must interact with some put on a database server.

      When the iPad loses the wifi signal, of course, the system does not find the file server.
      But, very often, when the wifi signals back I have to go to the host and to reload the file server, or scripts are wrong because they do not find them.
      There is no automatic way to reload the host connections?


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          Johan Hedman

          You can check to see if you have a connection in your script and then use Script Step Open file it it not open

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            will I do this already in the various scripts to connect eto 'or to make me return a connection error and "know" who are offline.
            The problem is that if you are online, go offline (go via wifi), I go back online (reconnects the wifi) the script takes a long to check whether the connection to it is back and often comes out "file name" (one of the file server) "not found". I have to click, go to host, to reload the files, then the system works.

            But filemaker go people who can not will have to use it every time reconnect the files (it would be a disservice) I wanted an "automatic" way of saying "if you come back online connect the files on the host."

            I do not know if I explained the problem well.
            Thank you

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              Johan Hedman

              You can handle that in many different ways, but one of the main things is to always use local table occurrences for layouts. Then in the script that search for your hosted database, just run a script in that file that have one Script step Exit Script with a result that you when will check for in your local file. The usually do not take that long time.