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Multiple Script Parameters/Results including Lists

Question asked by corkhia on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by corkhia

I want to be able to pass a combination of different parameters, including lists embedded within some of those parameters, and then expand them on the receiving script.


My specific use is passing essentially arrays of data to populate charts with values and labels together with say some single values for things like a title.  I have 30+ different (user selected) combinations of data that I am sending to a single chart display, and wanted to modularize it to reduce the degree of clutter and repetition that my scripting currently has in it.  I realize that I could post each list as a global variable and access it that way, but have resisted going down this route to date.


From my experimentation so far, passing more than a single list of data in a parameter doesn't seem to work.  I have looked at the interesting work done on Modular Filemaker with name/value pairs and arrays, but this does not appear to solve this particular issue either (unless I am missing something obvious).



I would appreciate any guidance or ideas that you smart Filemaker people might have be able to give me.