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How sort records using script with several fields?

Question asked by egbaumier on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by keywords

In a regular layout form (not a portal) there are 5 subtotal levels.

Every subtotal will be visible if I sort records according one field.

Customer would like to combine some of these fields to see these report according these fields.


Report contain these levels:



Vertical Market


Product Family

Part Number


How can I do a script to be able to include these fields to sort records and get a report just with fields and subtotals that I want?


I know how to do script that contain one of these fields, but I need to combine several fields such as State, Supplier and PartNumber or Vertical Market, Supplier, Product Family and Part Number. All these subtotal levels should be reorder based a Summary Field.


Is there any way to get just one script that get assigned fields to include in sort records or should I get several (25) scripts with every possible combination?