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    Filemaker Go importing


      Hi all,


      Is it at all possible to import records from a filemaker DB on go with another database on Go. For example, can I email my DB to a customer and can they open that database and import the information from it to an existing DB on their iphone using Go?


      I know you cannot import CSV files and the like, but I have done a lot of reading and supposedly you can import records into Go as long as it is from another filemaker DB. Most of the items I have been reading relate to importing from a remote source, but I want to import locally. As in, on the same device.


      I have tried several ways to set a variable:


      $file; Value: get(documentspath) & "source.fmp12"

      Import Records [No dialog; "$file"; Add; Windows ANSI]


      When I try running the script on the import file, I get an error saying that the file could not be opened. I have searched for hours and cannot see what mistake I am making.




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          Your script step to set the $file variable can just be:


          Set Variable [ $file; Value: "file:source.fmp12"]


          ... And make sure that in the 'Import Records..." script step you set the File Type in the 'Specify File' options to 'FileMaker Pro Files' - this is essential to do for Filemaker Go as otherwise import doesn't work for some reason, even if set to 'All Available'... See attached screenshot.




          Hope this helps :-)

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            Is the source.fmp12 file password protected?  If yes , this might be the cause of your problem since the file with the script can not open the file.

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              Hi guys,


              Thank you for your responses.


              I can confirm that the file is not password protected.


              I have made the alterations suggested by SkyWillmott, but I am still receiving the error on the iphone that the file cannot be found. It is strange, as it works fine on the computer. One thing I did notice though, where you said change the file type to Filemaker Pro Files, I don't have that exact option. Instead I have "Filemaker Files (*.FMP12)". I don't think this should matter though. I have Filemaker Pro Advanced.


              I have tried to delete the app from my phone and re-download from the App Store. But I still get the same error message.


              I then went and made a script to simply open the source file, and this worked fine. So the file can be seen. But when I try and do the import, I get the same error message which is:


              ERROR: The file "Source.fmp12" could not be opened. (Not Found).


              I thought maybe it could be a security setting, but that also never worked. (I added another account).


              I'm sure there is a reason.......I just don't know it.


              Thanks again for your help.





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                Hmmm, that's a bit embarrassing.


                I really didn't want to say anything, but anyway, honesty is the best policy I guess.


                After hours of searching, and downloading other people's sample database and looking at it......it turns out there is a difference between the word "Source.fmp12" and "source.fmp12"......oops.


                It works now.


                Sorry for the muck around.