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Date Range Scripted

Question asked by champino on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by champino

In FMP.12 I created 2 date fields with global storage (Start Date, End Date).  I created a blank layout that prompts for input in these 2 fields.  The script goes to Find mode in an existing report layout.  The date range is specified with the following line:


SetField [<database>::DATE[ <database>::Start Date & "..." & <database>::End Date ]]


This yields the requested results in FMP.12, on a copy of the client's database.  The client's database is on FMP.13, so I recreated the fields, layout, & script in FMP.13, but receive an error:


"The provided find criteria is not valid.  Enter a valid request before proceeding."


I've tried several modifications to the script, but it seems the DATE field, rejects the references to "Start Date" and "End Date" regardless of what I try.