PDF Files in Container inconsistent

Discussion created by melclift on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by rouelf

Hi all,


In my database, in different tables (depending on what its for) I have containers to hold pdf files.


I have been consistent in setting them up - same way each time, and they have been successful in that when you go to the field, you get the popup acrobat buttons for the file, and you can scroll down through the document and through multiple pages.


Until now.


New table - same methods - this time however, the documents are sitting there and are not being recognised as pdf files - no side scroll bar, no buttons that pop up for Acrobat.  I've checked the format of the field, it is set correctly to be a pdf.


Some of the pdf files I have put in there are changing the orientation of the files as well (from portrait to landscape).


This is doing my head in!  where am I going wrong? The documents are muli-paged pdf files (contracts) and they are only showing page one which is really frustrating.


Would love some help - please don't get too technical on me


many thanks