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Filemaker ODBC Driver (64b-bit) won't install

Question asked by sifiso on Nov 27, 2016
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I have FileMaker 15 Pro Advanced running on Windows 10.


I have been scratching my head getting the xDBC driver for FileMaker 15 Pro Advanced. The documentation kept pointing me to a nonexistent xDBC folder that should be in the FileMaker Installation image. Searched for this to no avail. I finally located the File Maker xDBC client

"Software Update: FileMaker xDBC client drivers for FileMaker" at Software Update: FileMaker xDBC client drivers for FileMaker | FileMaker


I am of the understanding that this is not just an update of an existing driver but it even replaces an existing driver, so it should be the solution. I am able to download the relevant driver for my setup onto my computer as listed below.


FileMaker Pro 15.0.2

FileMaker Server 15.0.2


I am then advised to unzip the contents of the download into my computer. I am of the opinion that if I simply click on the downloaded file, it should do  the required unzipping and hopefully start the setup dialogue. The only dialogue I get after clicking the downloaded file is if I want to "allow the app to make changes to my computer" and the obvious answer is yes. After clicking "yes" that setup dialogue disappears.


My faith in the setup process is dashed when I try to verify the existence of the FileMaker ODBC driver among those on the Driver's tab of the ODBC Data Source Administrator (Administrative Tools) in Control panel. I thus can not proceed with the FileMaker ODBC configuration to enable clients to access my FileMaker databases.


SOS anybody. Is there any other way to obtain the FileMaker xDBC driver file(s) that I can actually install on my Windows 10 machine. If indeed Windows 10 is the culprit. I have gone though the the suggestions on the MileMaker community related problems other folks seem not to have this particular hurdle. The are able to install and configure the ODBC driver. I see to be denied the satisfaction of achieving that.


Please kindly assist.


Sifiso Shongwe