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FMP Database Files with Photos, Too Big?

Question asked by petersprague on Nov 28, 2016
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FMP Database Files with Photos, Too Big?

Hi All, I'm pretty new to FMP and a recent convert from Bento. I’ve got a question about the SIZE of a few of my database files.


My GEAR database is an equipment list with photos for each entry, plus serial numbers, etc.


This database takes up 833 mgs. of space. This is fine for the computer but poses a problem for the iPhone. Even when I create a compact version of it for the iPhone it’s still 652 mgs. Having a few of these kind of databases on the phone hogs all of the memory. And it seems that all it takes is for 10 or so pictures to push the size of the database file UP.


I know one solution is to have the database on a server and have the iPhone synced to it. But there are times when I’m untethered from the net and then the database would be offline. Plus my server computer would always have to be ON and not asleep.


Is there a way to have a field in FMP where you have a link to the photo? The photo could be stored on my DropBox account and if I’m online with the iPhone, then the photo would be displayed. If I’m offline, no worries, the data for the entry would all be there, just not the photo.


Thanks for your help and let me know, Peter