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    convert Doc to pdf


      Is it possible to convert doc to pdf in filemaker...

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          Johan Hedman

          With a couple of plugins you can read information from a Word Document and then use that information in a FileMaker Field and create a PDF. There is no tool that takes the entire design of a Word Document and create a layout in FileMaker based out of that document.

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            ok...Thax a lot

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              We do this all the time in our insurance databases.


              We generate Word files using 360Works Scribe and store in container fields. We run servers running FolderMill FolderMill - Document Processing Server , which is a brilliant piece of software that converts MS Office files (Office, or at least Word must be installed on this server) into PDFs just by dropping a .docx file into a predefined input folder and it spits out a PDF in an output folder.


              Our (Windows) workflow is:

              The FolderMill server share has to be mounted on each user's computer so we run a batch file from a startup script in FileMaker containing 'net use' to ensure the share is mounted.


              The Word file can be opened edited and refreshed from within FileMaker using export to a temporary file with the open file option and reloading this in the container field if needed. When ready a button driven script exports the Word file to the FolderMill input folder, loops until the PDF has been created in the output folder, the original exported Word file is deleted and the PDF imported into a second container field ready for opening or viewing.


              We've been using this system for a number of years now and our clients absolutely love it. We're also running this within our XenApp/RemoteApp cloud servers, not only on LANs.


              Hope this helps.



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                thanx a lot...