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How to start a FM app at the startup of Windows 10?

Question asked by curziocav on Nov 28, 2016
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i wrote my second FM app using FMPA 15 and it works fine in mac os and Windows 10.

I need it starts in windows 10 at the start up of Windows, with the pc locked, that is before any user login, to allow other users to access it as remote application (i dont'use FM Server, but FMPA to manage the application and 3 FMP to access it).

I used the windows command "shell:common startup" to insert the application into the folder of the automatic start for all users, inserting in the first attempt  the application path, the second time a .cmd file withe the same path. In both cases the application starts automatically only after unblocking the pc with the login.

After that i used regedit to insert the app in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CurrentVersion\Run as you can see here


Schermata 2016-11-28 alle 15.38.19.png

with the same result: i need to enter the windows login to get the app starts.

I don't Know any other way to get my goal, so


Thanks to anyone can help me,