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Question asked by jameshoty on Nov 28, 2016
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I have one FM solution, called INV.fmp12 accessing the data file from another FM file called INV-DATA.fmp12. Both files are hosted on FMSA 12. Everything works fine when using it on LAN but failed to access INV-DATA.fmp12 when accessing it from outside the office (using 4G).


I tried to search the community but couldn't find any closest solution and I am not sure if the data separation method is done correctly.


The error message when I tried to launch INV.fmp12 on <host name> on my iPad is "The file "INV-DATA.fmp12" could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host." After click OK and follow by CANCEL (do not bother to locate the INV-DATA.fmp12), the solution will continue to run and load the initial screen layout.