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Custom installer package, including FMP trial

Question asked by justinc on Nov 28, 2016
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We have a solution we'd like to provide a Demo version to clients.  We thought about a runtime, but the lack of graphs and PDF support makes that unworkable.  So we are trying to distribute our files (it's a multiple FMP file solution), some demo materials/files (there are supporting non-FMP files that are required), along with the trial FMP installer to clients. 


We'd like for there to be only one thing to download - so a combination of our files and the FMP trial installer in one package.  Then I'll be writing the installation script, which would extract everything, put our files in the right place, and launch the FMP trial installer.  I see that there's an 'Assisted Install' file in the FMP installer package - I'm also assuming we could modify that for our needs to expedite the installation of FMP with minimal input from the end user.  The installation of our files should be pretty straightforward, as it's just a matter of the additional files being in the proper directories of the local directory - i.e. it doesn't have to install into Applications or have a preferences file, etc.  So all of our files (FMP and otherwise) will be in the same sub-directory.


So, I've never written an installer for OS X or Windows.  Do folks have pointers or recommendations on what to use to create such a beast?