December 2016 FMPUG – soSIMPLE Calendar

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Ken d’Oronzio will be presenting soSIMPLE Calendar.


soSIMPLE Calendar is an extremely versatile and easy-to-integrate calendar for FileMaker®-based solutions. It allows you to seamlessly add an elegant drag and drop calendar interface not only to your FileMaker Pro-based solution, but to WebDirect, your web site, your iCal software, and to FileMaker Go. In this presentation, you’ll get a first hand look at all the calendars you can create, including many customizations available. You’ll also get a peek at the techniques we used to create and optimize this one-stop calendaring system. And we’ll end with our famous 5-minute integration, where we integrate soSIMPLE calendar into a brand new database. At the end of the presentation, you’ll get a discount coupon for any soSIMPLE product.

Ken d’Oronzio is a founding partner of Paradise Partners, Inc., a custom development company based in New York, and an FBA member. Ken was a speaker at the 2016 FileMaker Developer Conference, and is the lead developer of soSIMPLE Calendar. With the release of soSIMPLE v1 in 2011, soSIMPLE revolutionized FileMaker calendars by introducing a user-friendly, drag & drop calendar in a FileMaker web viewer. soSIMPLE v2 opened up the idea even further by introducing interactive calendars to FileMaker WebDirect, smartphone and direct-to-web. The latest soSIMPLE v3 added standalone calendars for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go, making FileMaker Server optional. The newest version also added an out-of-the-box experience with a fully featured calendar solution without any integration required.



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