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Create record in related table using a drop down value list when value is not present in value list!

Question asked by gartht on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by gartht

Hi - I have tried to do this before and although I was give a script that did what I wanted (which I could not really understand!) I still wonder if my problem can be solved using FileMaker features without scripting.


I have three tables People--<Employment>--Occupation


In other words I want to record a person's job history.


I have set up Employment as a join table, with allow creation of records in this table checked.


I have made a portal to record the employment history and this seems to work; populating an employment field in the portal via the Occupation foreign key using a value list based on the Occupation Name from the Occupation table.


What I would like to do - but don't know if it possible (and/or sensible), is use a simple technique to create a new record (occupation) via the portal in the occupation table, if the occupation does not exist in the current value list based on the current Occupation table.


I know I could do something similar using a simple value list, but I understand that if I base the value list on a table, this will have benefits if I need to change something in the future, say all cab drivers have to be rebranded as taxi drivers! Similarly, I could go to the occupation table and add a new occupation there. However, it seems more elegant to create the new occupation via the portal if this is possible.


I hope that makes sense

I have attached the database - hopefully that will help.


Thanks for any guidance