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    Barcode scanner


      Hello there,

      I have recently bought a barcode scanner type LS-300. I don't have any idea about how to use it. I want in my work. I have a table includes  student information, I need to use barcode scanner to scan a bar code, which should be entered for each student, then all information about that student appear. I would be very appreciated if anybody guides me to do the following:

      - Which code should I use, i.e. code 39, codabar, etc. the student ID consists of 6 digits number

      - What is the requirements to do this, i.e. softwares.


      Thanks in advance,

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          David Moyer


          Code 39 (3 of 9) is most common.  You need a barcode font that you'll install on your machine.  FM uses this font to print barcodes.  You'll need to bookend your student number with asterisks so the scanner knows where the value starts and stops.  For example, a merge field, in layout mode, using the barcode font, would look like *123456* or *<<Table::StudentID>>* or a field that is a calculation =  "*" & Table::StudentID & "*".  In browse mode, they become barcodes.  Here's a link to a free font:


          p.s.  I edited the use of the asterisks

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            Dear Moyer,

            Thank you so much for your reply and for valuable information.

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              I don't have any idea about how to use it.


              You should access the technical info from the scanner manufacturer and install any software that comes with it that might be used to configure your scanner. Nearly all function in "keyboard emulation mode" and this mode makes integrating scanners with FileMaker very easy. In this mode, it's as though your scanner is another keyboard hooked up to your computer and the data from the bar code is input as a series of keystrokes. Thus you can click or tab into a field, scan a bar code and see the barcode data appear as plain text in that field. The characters input from the scanner can also trip script triggers so you can often configure a scanner to put a special character or characters at the beginning and end of the text actually scanned from the bar code and this text can be used to trip script triggers in order to better automate the scanning process.


              Example, OnLayoutKeystroke can be used to check the characters input from the scanner and keyboard. When that initial special character is detected, the script can use go to field or go to object to put the cursor into the field where you want the bar code data to be input. A tab, enter or return character at the end of the scanned text can cause the cursor to exit the field and this can then trip the OnObjectExit trigger in order to process the data input into this field in any way that it might need to be processed.

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                Hi Philmodjunk,

                Thank you very much.