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    Employee database


      Hello developers,


      I am new to filemaker and i am being tasked to develop an employee database for our company. The employee database is divided into sections which are: salaries, personal records, timetable and leave. I am currently busy working on the leave section and its not so well. How sick leave works in our organization is that you are given 30 sick leave days for three years. After three years, your sick leave days are reset and you are given new 30 sick leave days.


      I would like get all the sick leave days taken by an employee every month. The sick leave days taken in that specific month are than subtracted from 30  sick leave days you are given. I would then like to take the remaining sick leave days from the previous month to the next month and use them as the current sick leave days left. The same will be done for each month until our 3 year cycle ends.


      Could you guys please give me suggestion on how to tackle this problem? further questions are welcomed

      Thank you

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          I suggest you use a related table which has a record for each day of sick leave that a person takes. If a person takes sick leave you record the date and the employee number In the record.

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            I would recommend you first take the Lynda.com FileMaker database class so you have basic database fundamentals. Otherwise, design will always seem mysterious instead of matter of fact simple.


            Regarding figuring out how to do sick leave and such -- make sure you can figure it out on paper first. Run through all the possible scenarios. THEN (and only then) go to the computer and implement it.


            Altogether FileMaker isn't (doesn't have) a real programming language, the same rules apply: "programming" should be the easy part if you've done your homework and analysis up front. If you can't figure it out on paper, then you need to go back to the stakeholders and get better requirements, usually.


            Think about reports too. What kind of data is needed for reporting? That will help drive the data design.


            HOPE THIS HELPS.

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              Thank you