2 machines challenge with robot file used on Azure

Discussion created by petery009 on Nov 29, 2016

Hi Everyone


We are experiencing deploy a webdirect solution on Azure using 2-Machine deployment of FileMaker Server 15.

Also we need to use the robot file to help with generate PDF file for web user to download.


We succeed in the "sunny path", server installed successfully, file is uploaded, and can be seen and working from browser.


Some "Challenge" we can image at the moment like:

1. when the server machine restarted by "accident" need a way to automatically start the robot file successfully.

2. since the connection between the Master and Worker machine is based on worker machine 's local ip (LAN). how to make sure this connection is always there? use a "reserved" ip for the worker machine is enough ?

3. it happened before is somehow the web server or web engine is not started . and did not figure out why?


Anyway, we are new to this 2 machine deployment , and hope if anyone who had any idea or suggestions about it are appreciated!!:)