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Alternative routes for displaying video in WebDirect?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Nov 29, 2016
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My Db is currently on a server that cannot turn on SSL (shared server and other Db cannot handle it for some reason). And, for some reason, without SSL on, the option to turn on progressive downloading is greyed out and cannot be enabled. So, I need to figure out a work around. Unless someone knows how to turn on progressive downloading while SSL is off?!?


Are there workaround options for displaying videos in WebDirect? I have 30 videos and I can upload them to youtube or vimeo or the like. I can create an html page and embedded those videos. The initial concept is that I currently have a container field on the Dashboard (interactive turned on but useless without progressive downloading) and a drop-down menu to select the video that displays. It is a small feature of the Dashboard, but still integral. I could pay for a dedicated server, but truthfully, the funds are not currently available to afford that.


Any and all recommendations would be greatly welcomed.