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    Farm Database



      I'm doing a Business Plan and a Project for a new Farm not far from Rome, dedicated to children (with disabilities, especially) and animals. Something like a place where to play with animals, have Pet Therapy but not only.

      I hope the project will be funded even for a small part, and I want to build a new Complete Farming Database with Filemaker, doing it from scratch, with the experience I have achieved from my jobs in many years.


      I will use for example iBeacon, to know how is productive a Goat or a Sheep or a Cow, where the Donkeys like to stay and spend time in the land of the farm, but the database will also manage visits, activities, and so on.


      The question is: do you know or have ever worked on a Filemaker database related to farming, growing, or breeding ?

      I'd like to have any more ideas, if possibile, and examples



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          David Moyer


          you might contact the poster of this question:

          Calculation involving a Case Function

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            Fabrizio Lolli wrote:

            a new Farm not far from Rome, dedicated to children (with disabilities, especially) and animals. Something like a place where to play with animals, have Pet Therapy but not only.

            That's sounds like a very nice thing.

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              David Moyer



              I suddenly became worried that my sentiment was not universally acceptable, so I deleted it.  I'll say this, one of my favorite authors is John Steinbeck.  That should be pretty harmless.

              (... a quiet little farm-home sounds beautiful.)

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                Something on iBeacons that might be useful:


                Sounds like a fun project.

                Tony White

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                  I live on a small orchard farm and have been trying to get my iPhone owning brother (who owns and operates it) to consider a small FM GO database. Perhaps one of my ideas for such a project would prove useful for you:


                  My thought was to set up a graphic interface for selecting a field (and a tree in that field) in order to view and record notes about it via a set of "sketch maps". The idea was to set up a sketch map of the farm where tapping a field on that map selects that field and pops up a sketch map of that field. If you only want to record info about the entire field (as would be more typical of row crops or a vineyard) you would stop there. In an orchard, you'd tap an icon in the new sketch to select that tree in order to get to a detail view. A similar approach could be used to select a pasture and then pick from a list of animals (or scan a bar code on an ear tag) to select an animal currently located in that pasture.


                  The part where this got interesting for me was the idea that I could create each of these sketch maps in a graphics program and insert them into container fields. Then use OnGestureTap to detect the coordinates tapped when the user taps the map to determine what happens next. This could produce an app that could be used to manage different farms for different users simply by setting up a different set of maps and determining the "bounds" for each "hot" area on the map...

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                    I've done something similar already and it works well. The flexibility of the method is balanced against the amount of effort required by mapping all the images. In our system we abstracted the graphics so that they would fit within a grid. We experimented with the idea of using list layouts to present a scrollable list of symbols or ideograms. That performed extremely well, it fits right into the FMP toolkit, but our client preferred the form view layouts.


                    I found a native button to be quicker than the onGesturetap trigger. I also found that the display of images was an important factor in the performance of the app. For the snappiest performance you don't want any resizing to take place.

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                      Thank you everybody for any link and advice, I have reviewed everything.


                      Yesterday we have seen the little goats that will be future guests of the farm, they will interact with children.

                      I am testing a DB in filemaker with iBeacon for one or more animal / goats, and it will determine where the animal is during the day.


                      Now I am using an iPhone and iPad to read iBeacon signal, but I'd like to have some static receiver.

                      Have you experience of that ? I've seen on amazon, but I cannot find any pre-configured receiver for iBeacon, to use with Filemaker. I want to put a reciever as a grid, and one more where animals eat, and where they sleep.


                      Next problems will be wi-fi to connect grid of receiver, because that zone is rural and not reached from ADSL.


                      I am doing a new Farm Database from scratch: every database I have seen has nothing useful, or are only tests.

                      Thank you for your help, I hope you will be guest of this refuge, in the future, during a trip to Rome, Italy.