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I'm doing a Business Plan and a Project for a new Farm not far from Rome, dedicated to children (with disabilities, especially) and animals. Something like a place where to play with animals, have Pet Therapy but not only.

I hope the project will be funded even for a small part, and I want to build a new Complete Farming Database with Filemaker, doing it from scratch, with the experience I have achieved from my jobs in many years.


I will use for example iBeacon, to know how is productive a Goat or a Sheep or a Cow, where the Donkeys like to stay and spend time in the land of the farm, but the database will also manage visits, activities, and so on.


The question is: do you know or have ever worked on a Filemaker database related to farming, growing, or breeding ?

I'd like to have any more ideas, if possibile, and examples