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Menubar repositioning on Top navigation part.

Question asked by gdaquino on Nov 30, 2016
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Hello there,


I've recently faced an issue with a new development that I'm working on now. The solution is a complete invoice system that is used from 15 users in a company here. Of course, some of them are using a screen resolution and size and some others a different one, so that there is not a predefined size.


Btw, I adopted a default resolution of 1280x960.


There are a lot of layout that are in list view and table view and some others are in form view. But they have some common tasks and a common navigation, so I inserted in the solution a Top navigation part and a bottom navigation part.


In the upper part I placed a menubar with the buttons to go to the specific layout, and a secondary small button bar with settings and logoff/login/exit.


In the bottom navigation I placed another 2 bar that contains search functions and record navigation (go to prev, go to next, go to first, go to last, go to x).


HERE IS THE QUESTION (for those who answer quickly to get some points): Is there a way to put the menu bar in the navigation section in all view mode that can be set as dynamic and adapt automatically the position of the menubar to the window size of course in a set of screen sizes?


Did someone of you already implemented a similar 'layout setting'?