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Commit record in a portal causes Filemaker to quit

Question asked by dosborne99 on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by dosborne99

I've searched the discussions and couldn't find anything related to my issue, but I apologize if I happened to overlook one.


I have a simple relationship, based on a global field, displaying records in a portal where I have a popover button to view that particular records details. I have a script trigger set on the popover window, OnObjectExit, to commit record in case any changes are made. This all seems to work well under all conditions except one.


If I only have one related record, and I change the value of the field used for the relationship Filemaker will unexpectedly quit as soon as I exit the popover window. This doesn't happen as long as there is at least one record still remaining in the portal, it only happens if after the commit, there are zero related records.


Any ideas or suggestions, or if there is a way, to solve this?


Filemaker version: 14.0.6

Mac OS: El Captain