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questions about filemaker upgrade 14 to 15

Question asked by jfreeman on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by FileKraft

Dear community members,


I hope this finds you all doing well.  I work at a small school.  have FMPro Server 14 running on a windows 2012 server on a VM inside my firewall.  I have licensing for 10 concurrent connections.  Teachers and administrators run FMPro client 14.xx on either a macbook, an iPad or a windows computer.


We are licensed to move up to 15.  Should I do it?  Is it a relatively painless exercise?  Is there a document laying out the 'gotchas' somewhere here that you could point me to? 


One thing holding me back - I am concerned, frankly, that our Filemaker overlords have baked a good deal bit more surveillance  --  in terms of monitoring how many connections are active, how frequently, etc. -- into the 15 product.    Can anyone comment on things my users should be careful of if we move from 14 to 15 in terms of the risk of being denied a connection due to licensing restrictions, etc. etc. ?


Any/all information welcome!



Best wishes,