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    Do calculation fields not live update?


      I have an active/inactive boolean calculation field set to: If ( (EnteredDate - Get ( CurrentDate )) ≥ 0 ; 1 ; 0 ). "1" being active, "0" being inactive. I assumed that since it is a calculation field that it would continuously calculate. But, for some reason it only calculates when I go in and update the "EnterDate" field. I had an EnterDate set to 11/29/2016 and today when I went to check that the boolean switched, the boolean was still marked active even though it was a day over. It should have been inactive. Am I misunderstanding how calculation fields work? Do I possibly have something incorrectly checked off??

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          I may have figured it out. In "storage options" I did NOT have "do not store calculation results" checked.

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            You are correct. Stored calculation fields and data fields with auto-enter calculations (and which do not have the "do not replace..." option selected)...


            Update only if a referenced field from the same record (and same table occurrence as specfied in the calculation context) is modified. If the new data is from a get function or via a related table occurrence, the changes do not cause the calculation to re-evaluate.


            You might say, "but wait, I have a calculation field that updates every time I change a value in a related field!" And that is certainly true, but once a field of type calculation references a related table, it can no longer be a stored calculation and changes into an unstored calculation automatically.