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Make a list of related works

Question asked by andy_edinburgh on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by andy_edinburgh

I have another challenge in my project to build a database of works of art in a collection. The attached 'sandbox' is a very simplified version of the real problem, but displays the difficulty I have.


What I want to do is relate each WORK [of art] to one or more TOPICS. Each TOPIC would normally relate to several WORKs, so there is a WORK TOPIC LINK table. So far so good. I can use a portal to display the TOPICs a WORK is related to and vice versa.


What I now want to do is, for a given WORK, make a list of the topics it is related to, and for each TOPIC a list of the other WORKs related to it. This is the bit that does not work. The cream on the cake would be also to skip in the lists the WORK in the main layout as we do not need to know that it is related to itself.


I therefore have nested portals WORK -> TOPIC -> (related) WORKS. The problem is that the inner portal of related WORKs only lists the WORK I started with in the outer layout - sometimes repeated (if it appears in one or more topic). I already tried making a separate occurrence of WORK called RELATED WORKS for the inner list, but that made no difference.


Any ideas anyone? This cannot be such an extreme requirement can it? 


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