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Opening a file (hidden) without allowing its startup script to run

Question asked by dsimonson on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by dsimonson

I am trying to write a script for my FM Go app that opens a previous version of the app using "Open File [Hidden]" and then imports the old user data into the new version. 


My problem is that as soon as that script step runs, the next step executed is in the startup script on the older file (it executes OnFirstWindowOpen), which I don't want.


I tried setting a global variable $$IsUpdating = 1 flag in my new version file before I attempt to open the old version, and then put a first step in the startup script in the old version to check for the flag and exit the startup script if it sees it.  Unfortunately, once the old file is open, the global variables from my new version are unavailable to the old file.


How can I open the previous version file without running its startup script?