Is Filemaker/Web Direct the answer?

Discussion created by thehalpeen on Dec 1, 2016
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With the new user structure with Filemaker 15, I'm just wondering is Filemaker the right solution to recommend in the following scenario.


We want people to fill out their details online when they have been offered a position. Currently they fill out a paper form and this is eventually inputted into a Filemaker file on the Desktop.


We would like to have the new staff member fill out their details online via their own PC/laptop/tablet/phone and have the file populated automatically. We realise we now need to host the file in the cloud to do this.


My question is as follows:

Is Filemaker 'Web Direct' suitable for this. Will every person who fills out a form online be counted as a user and therefore will it cost the organisation a monthly fee. These new people will never use Filemaker again in the organisation. They would be 'very occasional users'.




Should we just build a simple 'html/php' form that will have the information saved to a MySQL file, which can be imported/saved into Fileamaker at a later date?




Build a form using Filemaker API for PHP - this is probably beyond us at this stage.


Filemaker 'Web Direct' would be my preferred option because itr could be built in-house, but I am just confused as to what Filemaker will charge if we go their route. It's not very clear - see extract from their site:


Each user may connect to FileMaker Server using only one client at a time. FileMaker Pro (for User Connections), FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect are clients. In the case of FileMaker WebDirect, each web browser tab open and connected to FileMaker Server counts as a separate client.

If one user accesses more than one FileMaker Server using a single client, a user connection is required for each FileMaker Server accessed by that user.