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Inventory Mapping using scripts & portals Please Help

Question asked by dgarmsd63 on Dec 1, 2016
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Hello all!

I have followed and mined the knowledge of this community for years now, but now I've finally joined.


I manage a 32000 sq ft warehouse for a local nursery company as well as write and maintain all of our databases. I'm currently writing a new database solution for tracking all chemical product movements & stock between distributor to warehouse and warehouse to store. I'm attempting to add a visual warehouse map function to my database and I've hit a brain block. I'm using FileMaker Pro 11 on Windows.


Here's the concept. You go to the warehouse plan layout ( see attachment 1 ) you click on a rack location button that takes you by script to the rack layout ( attachment 2 ). The script will pass the product information to the appropriate portal based upon location data. The portals are named using object naming from bottom to top "portal1 / portal2 / portal3". My first test script attempt yielded no results ( attachment 3 ) whereas my second script ( attachment 4 ) filled in the sku# & the product quantity # but not the description in every portal. See attachment 5 for my table relationships. The way I see it in my mind is that every location button on the warehouse plan will be linked to its own unique script to pass the correct "rack_ID / bay_ID / level_ID / side_ID" data to the rack layout. I'm sure this is a case of me setting up something wrong that is very simple.


Thanks in advance

D Garms