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PDFs in FileMaker

Question asked by user28271 on Dec 1, 2016
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So I am having a lot of grief she it come too PDF in FileMaker containers.


Start with some facts:


FM 14

Hosted on local network server

Mac OS (Yosemite, El Cap, and Sierra)

Container stored on External on Server

Adobe Reader15

Field set as PDF on layout


Some users get a nice PDF image with a tool bar that allow them to open it up in full screen

Some users get a nice PDF image, but not tools bar

Some users get a not-nice PDF image.  When they try to scroll or zoom is doesn't refresh properly and the image gets messed up.

Some user get NOTHING but a blank field.




Some users can load an image quickly

Some users get a spinning ball for a minute or more before it load.


I personally sat with two computers side by side.  Both on same network.  Both with same OS and and Acrobat ver.  One was perfect, the other could not get a tool bar to appear and could not scroll the image.