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    PDFs in FileMaker


      So I am having a lot of grief she it come too PDF in FileMaker containers.


      Start with some facts:


      FM 14

      Hosted on local network server

      Mac OS (Yosemite, El Cap, and Sierra)

      Container stored on External on Server

      Adobe Reader15

      Field set as PDF on layout


      Some users get a nice PDF image with a tool bar that allow them to open it up in full screen

      Some users get a nice PDF image, but not tools bar

      Some users get a not-nice PDF image.  When they try to scroll or zoom is doesn't refresh properly and the image gets messed up.

      Some user get NOTHING but a blank field.




      Some users can load an image quickly

      Some users get a spinning ball for a minute or more before it load.


      I personally sat with two computers side by side.  Both on same network.  Both with same OS and and Acrobat ver.  One was perfect, the other could not get a tool bar to appear and could not scroll the image.



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          Open up safari on both computers and check to see what adobe plug ins are enabled. I suspect that you'll find a difference there between the various computers where you are getting different results from the same PDF on the same record, same layout, same file.

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            Interesting.  I was not aware safari was involved in this process.


            Does that make me a fool?

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              I learned from TsGal--who works for Filemaker Inc, that interactive containers are really special purpose web viewers. They don't use Safari precisely, but they use a 'web kit' that comes from Safari on Macs and from Internet explorer (Edge?) on Windows machines.


              I've seen a number of threads reporting issues with PDF's that traced back to what Adobe Plug ins were present and enabled on that particular computer so this would be the first place to check for something that explains the machine specific differences that you are reporting.

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                Would this be related to Adobe Flash?  That is the only adobe plugin I have in safari