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Selecting the right value list

Question asked by pim on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by philmodjunk

I have a layout to calculate drug dose volumes. Within this layout, I have set up a number of fields that are based on a conditional value list. For instance, Drug A has a drop down list of options to choose from. For each drug selection there is a second field with another array of drugs to choose from to pair up with Drug A. What I want to also incorporate is a field that includes the list of drug strengths for each selected drug. To achieve this, I have set up a value list for each drug that contains the various strengths of formulation available (for example; morphine comes in a number of strengths and any one may be selected for this particular calculation). The difficulty is how to choose the right value list. for example the 1st field might contain a number of drug options to select from but ACP is chosen. I then need to show under a field called drug strength the appropriate value list for ACP. This same query then exists for the second drug field selected to pair with ACP.


I have considered using an If calculation and linking ValueListItem into this. e.g. If "ACP"; ValueListItem (placing in the details required which is name of application & I presume name of value list required). So far I have had no success in bringing up the right options.


Any thoughts on how this can be achieved?