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    GetAsNumber with a negative number?




      I have build a invoices solution where i calculate a due date based on terms.

      Payment_terms are:

      Due On Receipt

      Due on Specific date

      Net -7 days prior check in day

      Net 7 days after check in day

      Net 14 days from invoice date


      The first two easy that becomes manual input.


      The "net -7 days prior check in day" is my problem Where we receive an invoice lets say today and is due when 7 days before clients check in to a hotel room that can be any day, lets say 8Feb17. But invoice due date is always 7 days before check in day so in this example 1Feb17 (ideally it would take into account you cannot pay on saturday and sunday at least not in New Zealand).


      I have used below: case calculation but it ignores if "getasnumber" is -7  (minus7)


      adding 7 days to check in sorted and so is 14 days.



      Case (

        GetAsNumber ( Suppliers::Payment_terms ) > 0 ;

          Invoice_date + Suppliers::Payment_terms ;

        Self < Invoice_date ; Invoice_date ;

        Self  )


      how to change this case so it takes "minus" days into account


      Thanks for your help as always