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    Filemaker Phone calls via facetime


      Hi all


      I'm fairly new to FM currently using FM Pro Advance12. Ive created a DB - been using it for a year or two.


      I've seen on the link below that you can make calls via FM. I've got as far as setting up FaceTime and my iPhone - but get well and truly lost when it comes to creating a script...


      This is the link:

      Phone Calls From FileMaker - FileMaker Today - The Original FileMaker Forum & Community


      is there anyone who can help explain this in layman terms?


      thank you

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          dawmerfm wrote:

          get well and truly lost when it comes to creating a script...

          Scripting (coding) really is better (and easier) than its reputation. It simply means: do these things in that order, from top to bottom (mostly). Complexities & complications arise when earlier commands change things that later commands need to take into account ...


          Anyway, try this:


          - In your database, open Scripts > Script Maker.


          - Create a new script.


          - Add the step Open URL


          - Click the Specify button. Enter the text "tel://" &


          (including the quotes and a trailing space/blank after the ampersand)


          Now either select a field from your database where you store a number, or add a"hardcoded" number (i.e. as a text constant in quotes), eg "0123456789".


          - Don't forget to save your script (and give it a meaningful name)


          - Put a button onto a layout, either the one of the table with the number field, or - if you hardcoded the number - any layout, and attach your new script to that button.


          The first approach means your script can call the number stored (if any) with the current record, the second means it can call only the one number you entered as a hardcoded value.


          There's a third way: display a dialog and ask for a number. Ask if you're interested.

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