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Text Parsing by Pipe Character

Question asked by baldewicz on Dec 2, 2016
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Hi All,


I am not the greatest at text parsing and I am a bit stumped on this most likely easy task.  I am trying to have an easy way to remember how the user navigated though a group of records so they maintain the ability to go back.  When a user is on the  Main Menu (MM) the Report::Position is automatically set to 1, once a user navigates to another record a pipe character is added and the selected records PK is appended to the list: 1|2.  I need to allow the user to navigate back though the list.


For example I have a field which has a list of pipe delimitated numbers :  1|2|16|8


I am able to return the second to last entry: 16



~values = Substitute(Report::Position; "|"; ¶);



I am able to get the count of the number of pipes:

PatternCount ( Report::Position;"|" )

But I also need to trim the list after grabbing the second to last entry


What I am looking for is, and this very likely isn't the best way to do this:


If (PatternCount(Report::Position;"|")<2;


The list should revert to Main Menu (1) ;

It should grab the second to last number and trim the last Pipe Characters off of the string )



Example: Starting with 1|2 should grab the number 1 and set the  return 1 as the new list, where as starting with 1|2|16|8 should grab the number 16 and should return 1|2|16 as the new list.


I hope this makes since.  Thank you all!



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