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Need a Calculation to result in the first Letter of a field

Question asked by LoriE on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by LoriE

I am creating a field that will calculate the combination of two fields, but in the first field I only want the first letter.


(Actions::Discipline(first letter only)) + ( Actions:: Item# )     the result would be the "Action#" field


So the result would be:


               First Field Name         Second Field Name     Third Field

               Discipline                    Item#                              Action#

               Architectural               .001                                   A.001




The field named "Discipline" is the field that contains a value list of what the action item pertains to.  ie;   Architectural, Structual, Mechanical, etc


So the result which will be the Action #

A.001 or

S.001    (depending on what the discipline it is)


Thank you