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creating a value list from 2 independent tables

Question asked by bobele on Dec 2, 2016
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Hi, and thanks for your help

I'm an amateur trying to build a knowledge base for my wife's research and her extensive collection of objects. i myself am interested to keep up with the field because many moons ago (I'm 70) I was a systems analyst and worked on the first attempt at a commercial relational database (IBM-IMS); it failed because back then we didn't have the necessary memory and processing power - IBM 360s!)


Anyway my question:

The collection has several categories of object (e.g. documents, figures, puppets etc)

Each category has subcategories (e.g for documents, subcategories include prints, pictures, articles etc)

I also have to organise things by geography (by world region like West Africa). Of course category and region are independent (i.e. not in a hierarchical relationship)


The categories are common to all regions

Some of the subcategories are also common (like the document subcategories I listed above), but most are region-specific

The total list of sub-categories is too large for a convenient dropdown


For each item in the base, I select (separately) the region and the category using drop downs

Then I want to build a drop down list (value list) that restricts sub-category according to both region and category

I could do it I suppose by creating a table with every combination of category region and subcategory but that gets very bulky and is complicated to update.


I thought about creating table A (region/subcategory) and B (category/subcategory) and using a values list starting from.. but I cant get it to work

I could write a script, but I can't see how to use it to populate a value list (I suppose I would have to populate a temporary table?)



I would be very grateful for advice, but please be patient...


NB I'm on Filemaker 13 Pro