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Question asked by ajcvet on Dec 2, 2016
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Good Day,


I'm a bit new to FM.  I'm starting a company that will gather "clients", then form investor groups from those clients to purchase property.  I've created a table for clients and their subsequent info/fields.  I've also have a table for "properties", and a table for "investor groups".  the investor group property relationship works (investor group "Parent" and property "child" as one property can have only one investor group but one investor group can own more than one property so a good one to many relation.


However, my problem is, an investor group can have one or more clients in the group so it seems like a one to many relation with the investor group being parent and client being child but then "a" client could be part of more than one investor group which to me is a many to many relationship.  I've tried to figure out a way to use a joining table but seem to end up with a one to one relationship table.


can anyone suggest a way to look at this a better way?



anton cvet