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    FileMaker Go and iOS style switchers


      Hello all


      Can anybody tell me if iOS style switchers can be formatted for FileMaker Go? If yes, how is it done?  I've attached a screen shot to clarify "switchers"





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          maximums wrote:

          [Can] iOS style switchers [...] be formatted for FileMaker Go?


          Hi Linda -


          If you mean: use them as controls inside your database ...


          I'd store them in a global container field with two repetitions.


          iOS 7 Switches PSD by Matias Gallipoli - Dribbble


          Save the images as png and import (not paste) them into the field to preserve transparency (if there is any).


          Put single reps ([1], [2]) on top of each other and show/hide them depending on the state of whatever you're switching. I don't think you can recreate the animation, though, except maybe using a mini-panel and a(n un-)healthy amount of fiddling.

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            This database was create to make webclip for ios.  It has a On / Off Switch.  The Switch is grouped, so you will have to ungroup to see the scripts that run.  It is a good example to learn from.

            Dropbox - App Maker.fmp12

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              Thanks everybody for your valuable input. Interesting I found, was that when I really questioned the client why he wanted sliders, it was inappropriate use of them. He wanted his users to select yes/no, no being empty, to various options. The convention of sliders is more on/off rather than yes/no. After discussion he has agreed to a single checkbox per item to indicate selection. Much less trickery, much clearer to the user, and much easier to report!


              It's still good to get the feedback for future reference. I was familiar with the example in AppMaker.fmp12 and was hoping their may be something simpler I could do.


              Thanks again for the input.