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    Design for speed


      Here's a simple trick I've discovered recently.


      It improves speed and also eliminates the flashing white windows we see in Windows.


      I need to switch to a different table to do something and then return to the current layout. Being lazy I would select a pre-used layout say a Form or a report or table that I designed for a specific purpose. If the current layout is smaller, I always say a white flash as the other layout was used. So I thought to myself, I'm smart enough to solve this problem.


      So what I evolved was the idea of using a layout at least the same size or smaller. For instance using a layout for an iPhone. This solved some of the problem.


      Then I thought, lets use a blank layout to eliminate any slowness caused by elements on a layout. That also worked for doing something using a second table. Then I found that occasionally FileMaker DEMANDS that a field be on a layout. So I put that field outside the margins.


      Summary: use a small layout with no fields when you have to change layouts do something quickly in a script and add the occasional obligatory field outside the layouts margins. Don't use layouts you've designed that have a dozen fields from related tables doing deep calculations.


      This will not work in every condition as i am sure others will reply but when it does it improves your interface and speed quite noticeably.

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          As long as you are not using FM GO it can also be very helpful to open the new window via either new window or Go To Related records with a small specfiied size but with a location specified with negative values to open it off the edge of the monitor screen.


          In many cases, the MagicKey method can remove the need to change layouts or open windows and this avoids tripping script triggers, having portals or tab controls change state and can make all of the updates part of a single transaction which is better for your data integrity.

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            gofmp wrote:


            Then I thought, lets use a blank layout to eliminate any slowness caused by elements on a layout.


            It does a lot more than that. One of FileMaker's default behaviors is to cache records from the server. If the layout is a Form view, it caches them in 25-record chunks. If it's a List or Table view, it pulls as many as will fit in the window. However, this behavior does not occur if there are no fields from any tables on the layout.


            You've done well to discover the performance benefits of using a blank layout. Congratulations.

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