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many to many relationships?

Question asked by Flyfisher2611 on Dec 4, 2016
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I seem to be struggling with the next stage of my solution!


In am creating a database to help organise the plants I grow at our nursery. I have a table with a list of plants (also related to a different table) and I have a list of Label bins. (Each variety we grow has to have a variety label to put in the pot!) each label has an allocated bin no. A1, A2, B1, B2 etc.


My problem!


Each variety name may need more than one physical bin for example, each bin will only hold 1000 labels, so if I am growing 1500 plants I need another 'overflow' bin to hold the other 500 labels. In other words I need a portal in the Plant Detail table to allow me to allocate 2 bin locations to the variety record!




I also need to be able to allocate more than one plant variety per bin! For example I have two varieties of yellow double begonia - non stop yellow & go early yellow. I use just one generic 'yellow' label for both, i.e. Both varieties need to be allocated to the singe bin.


My question is - is it possible?


If so


How can I do it?


Thank you in anticipation of your replies


Kind regards