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Windows problem - Enter button collection

Question asked by Stigge on Dec 4, 2016
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I noticed a small problem in one of my databases that i cant find a solution for :/

This is a asset management system for all our 1500 PC with SW connected to a PC and also what User uses it.


Now to the problem i have a search field that gives the user an option to search among multible fields example Serie nr on a PC, user name, PC name, part of PC name etc.

I have a laptop with Windows 7 on (still) and when am searching all works fine, but the other day i did a search and pressed the Laptops own "Enter" button and it added a line break to my field !! hmm when i press the numpads enter it works fine, also my external keyboards enter both numpad and normal it works fine. but just that laptops normal enter button it creats a line break. asked several of my cooworkers to test and same for them.

Apparently a laptops enter makes a linebreak aswell.


Now to my question, how do i stop that ??


This is the part of the script that is suppuse to collect that:


I have been googling around to se if there is any triggerkeystroke i can use, but it seems no. :/

Anyone have any thoughts around this ? or maby a solution.