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    How can i setup price totalling for a table?


      So I've been building a shopping app slowly (painfully slowly) and ive gotten to the stage where i want to be able to calculate the prices of items within a table. i cant seem to find any information anywhere regarding this, im also new to filemaker and as my solution is hosted to a server i cant just upload it to here. so if anyone could help or needs more information to help just ask and i will provide as much as i can


      Here is my relationship Layout its a mess but again im new and learning, and ideas or constructive criticism is appreciated

      the last photos is of the tables i have and the fields within, if anymore information is needed and i will supply i just want to get this feature solved




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          Hmm, it depends in what you mean by "summing prices in a table", ie under which circumstances.


          You might find this helpful:


          FileMaker Pro 15 Help (Summary fields)


          Note that were it reads "multiple records", that could of course be all records in a table, or a found set you get as the result of a Find (all invoices in the 1. quarter) or by following a relationship (all line item records related to an invoice record - or, for that matter, a shopping cart).


          There is also the Sum() function that allows you to total a field from all records related to a parent.


          But a summary field is more versatile: in


          Cart --< LineItems >-- Product


          you'd need a Count() calculation field of line item prices in both parents - and still couldn't total those prices in a list layout of LuneItemd.


          But if you create a Total of: extendedPrice (price x qty) in LineItems, you can not only total those records, but also display that field in both parent tables:


          In Cart, you get a total of the extended prices for all products in the current cart; in Product, you'll get a total of that product's extended prices in all carts (which may not be totally useful ...)