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FMP15 Crashing on Script Trigger

Question asked by Malcolm on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by JackRodges

I have a file running on Server 14.0.4 under Windows 8.1. There is a global text field being used as a target for a value list and a script trigger which looks at the contents of the field and then goes to one layout or another. The field is formatted as a drop-down value list drawing content from a custom list of values. The layout is based on Classic theme. Using FMPA14 as the client, the script works. Using FMPA15 as the client, with the script debugger active, the script works. Using FMPA15 without the script debugger active causes an instant crash.


Watching this in action, there is one odd thing that I have noticed. The script trigger is onObjectModify, so I expect the active object to be the navigation field. However, as soon as the value list item is selected the active selection moves to a tab panel. This is not the next object in the tab order. The two layouts that I've checked both have tab panels and the same thing happens on both. Naming all the objects reveals that the activeLayoutObjectName is changing from the navigation field to the tab panels. This happens in both v14 and v15.


Is anyone else seeing similar behaviour, that is, crashing when a script trigger is invoked?