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Insert from URL on Windows Server Script - Error 100 (File is missing)

Question asked by fmdataweb on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2018 by Jason Wood

I have a server side script running on a Windows Server (FileMaker Server v13). The script downloads a file to the Get (TemporaryPath) folder and I then insert it into a container field using the Insert from URL script step.


The script works fine when run using FileMaker Pro Advanced on Mac and Windows, but I'm getting an error 100 (File is missing) every time this runs as a server scheduled script.


The path to the file that is downloaded looks like this:




I'm then inserting this using the file protocol with the Insert from URL script step using this path:




which generates the error 100. I can see the file in the folder but for some reason it fails when run as part of the server side script. Anyone spot what I might be doing wrong here?