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Character Limits for Import Match Field and Text Field Index

Question asked by jdbranum on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by JackRodges

I would like to know how many text characters in the match field are used to determine whether a match exists when importing records with the Update Matching option set.  I do not know whether or not the indexing limit on text fields applies to this type of  import operation.


Related question is how many characters are included in the value index of both text and number type fields.  From related posts for databases prior to FileMaker 15, this value was indicated to be 109.


The reason for my question is that I am currently creating a calculated match column when importing from a large Oracle database via ODBC, and need to know the character limit that I must observe to prevent importing duplicates.  The match column calculation includes the contents of the columns that determine uniqueness of the rows in the Oracle source view.  This technique works well and much more quickly than using multiple individual Oracle columns to match corresponding FileMaker fields.  The match field in the FileMaker table is a calculation using the same set of fields corresponding to the Oracle columns.


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James Branum

Internal Developer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California