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Saving FileMaker .fmp12 file as a "flat .fmp12" file.

Question asked by Lawrencex on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Lawrencex

Dear FileMaker Pros,


Would appreciate your tips/hints for the following:


My database created in FileMaker 15  (Win 10) has more than 100 Fields,

and over 80 million records in each Fields. The file size is approximately

2.5 GB.   Those Fields contain calculations.


I am NOT using scripts for the calculations as it consumes so much of

time processing the entire records (takes 8 hrs.)


So, when the calculations are complete, I export the Field data to a

new .fmp12 file, so that the data becomes "flat" without any calculations.


The problem again, the export process is time consuming, and it almost

takes the same time as running the scripts for the calculations.


Would appreciate your tips/hints, if there is a way to save the .fmp12 file

as a "flat" file, meaning, saving the file/data without the calculations, but

the calculated values only.  For example, in MS Excel, this is achieved by

the "paste as value" options, and the calculations are pasted over with the

calculated results/values.


I use the data for analytics.


Thanks in advance for your tips/hints.