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Can't modify hosted file remotely

Question asked by scain101 on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by scain101

I recently moved my Filemaker Server 13 and Pro Advanced 14 file from a Windows PC to a Mac (OS Sierra).


When I am at home, I can do everything in the file normally - modify layouts; run scripts, add records, etc.  When I open the file from my office, the hosted file opens normally and quickly, but after that, I can't do anything in the file except switch layouts. 


No button scripts will run, I can't modify layouts or add records, and when I try to do anything, after a LENGTHY wait, I get disconnected.


Through reading other posts I have tried and can do the following:

  • I can open the script debugger
  • I do have Full Access privileges per the Data Viewer


I'm wondering if my Mac is not setup properly or if Filemaker Server is not setup properly.


Thanks for any help.