Export field content solution

Discussion created by LarsHed on Dec 7, 2016
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I have started to use FM Web Direct in a way that's new to us (and promising): As a replacement for our old-fashioned FTP-server I've created a log in to a certain page in a FMdatabase where I store high resolution photos, film clips etc - quite heavy files(up to 2 GB)  that the logged in user can download. The container field itself is a button with a script telling the user it might take some time to download the file and then  uses the "Export field content" step.


A few questions:

1. Downloading field content requires quite many clicks in the dialogue on WebDirect - up to 3 steps of confirmation and it's not 100% clear for users that they should click on the button in the box with the file name before it downloads. (see screenshots). Is it possible to create a more elegant way (especially in Windows 7 which also adds another dialogue box in the lower part of screen) ? I prefer to show only my own dialogue box. 

2. How big files can be stored in a field without slowing down the web too m much ?  - only the hard drive sets the limit for the database  I think I read. Is that the same for WebDirect?

3. It would be great to show a simple progress bar for downloading instead of the three standard dialogues . But that seems to require third party software?