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Can FMP15 trigger a script on an FMP11 file?

Question asked by StephenWonfor on Dec 7, 2016
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Client has just migrated from FMP11 to FMP15.  They access and use ESS data to populate their website.  This was done using PyFilemaker. (GitHub - aeguana/PyFileMaker: PyFileMaker - Integrating FileMaker and Python)  We note that that site makes a lot of ref's to Filemaker 6 etc.  The plan is to remove this ESS to Filemaker linkage and write directly to ESS from Filemaker.  But there are reams of PHP code that refer to and get data from the FMP11 db we are trying to retire.

In the meantime, we a looking for a QAD° patch of some sort.

The current best option is to use Send Event to open an FMP11 database on one user machine.  This db has a script that runs on open that would open the FMP11 hosted file and have it import the data we need to update.

Any better options that we have missed?




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