Editing within Portal with Cartesian Relationship

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I believe this is possible:

Using the Cartesian Product Relationship in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker


Dynamic Filtering solution from Soliant: Dynamically Filtering Filtered Portals - Soliant Consulting


I have adapted Sara Severson's solution into my own art gallery database.

There is one fundamental difference though, I am using a Cartesian Relationship so I can make this Filtered Portal.

Her setup doesn't use the cartesian because it is not set up to show every record on the other table, just ones that match the "My Client" criteria with the join based on user ID.


I have an INVENTORY table with thousands of records. I want to show all of these records in a portal that can be filtered while typing. (so we can find records by sku fast during physical inventory)

So then I created a FILTER table. FILTER has one record and two fields. One is a primary key unique id, and one is a global field for the filter matching.  The relationship is Cartesian and based on the primary key's, not the global field. (even so, the one with the global is first in the relationship)


This has all been set up and working as per Severson's solution. It works nicely though it flickers a bit from time to time.

But what is weird is that I cannot edit the fields in the portal.  I can't even ENTER the fields in the portal.

I know this is possible because I tested it in Filemaker's example file found on the page linked above about Cartesian Product Relationship.

I can edit the fields within the portal.


I am logged in as full administrator. It's not a permissions issue.

All fields are set to Enter in Browse and Find mode.



OK, Wait, I have this set up an alternate way as well, where I just have another instance of the INVENTORY table, and it joins to based on the SKU fields.  When I Set up the portal on the INVENTORY FILTER table, It works and I can edit the records via the portal row.

But now, only one user can enter the Global field at a time. When I open on another device, say iPad, I can't type into the global field.

Ugg, back to square one. How can I get the editing to work.


Can anyone advise?

Otherwise I have to set up scripts to navigate to another layout, set field, then return to the portal layout. uggh.