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No container actions available - Why?

Question asked by wfgclapp on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by wfgclapp

Working in FMGo 15, FMS 15, FMPA 15


I have a PDF in a container field. On a Go layout, I want to tap the image to being up the container Actions popup menu, which for a PDF, should contain the option for View.


With my Full Access account, this works.


But for my restricted user accounts, when I tap on the image I get the popup Actions menu, but the only option available has an icon of a locked padlock and reads, "No container actions available".


I have looked through all my users' Priv Set settings and have turned on everything I can think of that might affect this, but to no avail.


I have googled and looked around but found no references to this issue.


As a twist, I should mention that this file is the UI file in a data separation model. However, the table that this layout is based on is actually located in the UI file, so I'm assuming it's only my UI file Priv Set that should be involved here. But for good measure I've monkeyed with some of the same settings in the datafile Priv Set. joy.


Does anyone happen to know what actually controls access to these Actions in Go?