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    Message log - one to many


      Hi everyone,


           I already have a working log book which does it job for the most part but would like to make a few.. adjustments or improvements as it were.


      I have 3 tables: Contacts, Message, Paperwork.


      Contacts lists the callers, Messages records any message the caller may have left *Could be multiple for the same person*, Paperwork is the the information that is sent out to the Client *Also could be multiple instances for the same person*.


      Currently I am working on off the Contacts Layout with a Tab Window, one fore messages and one for paperwork each containing a portal.


      What I would like to do is create a list within each tab that would reflect the "date" and "time" for each message/paperwork relating that Contact, so that when I click on that a date/time it would reflect that information in the portal.


      Is this something thats possible? Any help or ideas would be appreciated! Thank you!

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          Assuming you have a relationship connecting Message to Contact, then it is easy to create a layout based on the Contact table and include on the layout a portal showing Messages related to that Contact.

          You mention having "Contacts Layout with a Tab Window". By this I assume you mean you are using a Tab Control object to display your fields. The thing to remember with Tab Controls is that the whole layout is based on the same table—in your case Contacts—so everything on the layout, regardless of the Tabs is viewed from that context.

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            You can use either a relationship or a portal filter relationship to limit the message records shown in the portal to messages to just those for a certain date or even a range of dates. You could enter a date in a field and either that field is a match field in the relationship or it is a field used in the portal filter expression.